International Online Education Fair 2020

Poland, October 21-22

Lithuania, October 28-29

International Online Education Fair 2020 is hosted by KASTU Ltd., a leading educational agency in Lithuania and Poland. Every year, we consult more than 10.000 students on studies abroad and help them with the application process.

Why Online?


If COVID-19 comes back in autumn, as predicted by many scientists, all massive events will be banned, including educational fairs.


During isolation, 100% of school and university students in Lithuania and Poland were studying online.


All students have been forced to start studying using online communication platforms. Day by day, online communication is becoming more and more organic.


Students, along with their parents, may avoid attending massive events due to fears for their health.

Why join?

- x2 higher conversion rate compared to conventional educational fairs (read more below).

- Meet motivated students face-to-face online. Chat for as long as you need. No hurry or disruptions.

- Students from all around Lithuania and Poland who have smartphones and internet connection can join the event. No need to travel anywhere.

- No travel, no hotels, no extra costs, no stress. All you need to do is go online and chat.

Studies abroad is very popular. Approximately 20% of Lithuanian and 12% of Polish potential students are interested in studies abroad.

This unique education fair is focused to promote higher education institutions with an emphasis on Undergraduate and Postgraduate studies.

- This educational fair will be promoted on mass media, TV, radio, electronic diaries, social networks and educational institutions.

Event concept

Main selling point - 20 min. video chat to find out your chances of getting accepted!

1. Registration

The student will have to register for the event and choose the university that they would like to video chat.

2. Transcript of grades

We will inform all registered students and advise them to have a transcript of their school/university grades or their diploma.
This way, you will be able to evaluate students' grades and advise them on their chances of getting accepted to your institution.


  • Today’s students want to get information fast – in this event, they will be informed on their chances of being admitted (based on their grades and oral English language skills).
  • This would be the main difference (and selling point) between this and other educational events. In this event, the student will not only be able to learn more about your university but also find out their chances of getting accepted.

3. Timetable

Registered students will be informed about the date and time of their video chat with a representative of your university.

Before the event you will know:

  • how many video chats you will have each day, what time and with whom.
  • What programs the particular student is interested in. You can decide who would be the best representative from your institution to participate in the chat based on the applicant’s interests.

4. Video chat

Throughout the event, you will have video chats with students and at the end of each chat, you will have to advise the student on their chances of getting accepted.

After attending this event, students will be much more motivated to fill out and send an application form to your institution because they will know if they have high odds of being admitted. 

From our years of experience, the conversion rate of these fairs is x2 higher than of conventional educational fairs.


PROS and CONS of in-person events

PROS of video event

Meet students face-to-face and have a short chat.

Meet students face-to-face online. Chat for as long as you need (up to 20min.). No hurry or disruptions.

Give students your printed materials and souvenirs to remind them about your university.

Send your printed materials and souvenirs to the student’s home.

Or send them to the KASTU office and we will send them to the students on your behalf

Collect leads of motivated students and send follow-up emails.

Collect leads of motivated students and send follow-up emails. Before the event, you will get a list of all registered students with their details.

Usually crowded and noisy, not enough time to have a good chat.

Usual atmosphere:

  • Students talking from home
  • University representative from the office.

No distractions. Enough time for a good chat.

Many students are not even interested in studies and come only because schools push them to.

Only motivated students are registered for a 20min video chat.

If a student is not interested, they will not register.

Very expensive:

  • Participation fee
  • Accommodation
  • Air tickets
  • Transportation
  • Food and drinks
  • Daily allowance

Much cheaper participation fee. No other costs.

Time-consuming due to travels abroad.

Time needed only for chats. No travel, no hotels, no stress.

Students who live far away can’t come and meet you at the fair taking place in a particular city.

Students all around the country who have smartphones and internet connection can join the event. No travel is needed.

You may stand all day long and barely meet any interested students - lots of time and money wasted.

You will know in advance how many registrations you have and can plan your day accordingly.

COVID-19 travel barriers

Temporary travel barriers are not a problem.

14 years of experience

Since 2006, in-person and online Kastu fairs have been a regular choice for international educational institutions and thousands of students. Many education providers who have participated in Kastu fairs have stated that these educational fairs are among the most well-organized and cost-efficient student recruitment events.