Terms and conditions

- The participation at the fair becomes conceivable only after the received payment. Payment conditions should be done before the deadline which was set by the organizer on the invoice.

- The organizer has the full right to cancel the fair at its sole discretion. In this situation, the organizer of the event will fully refund the payment for the participator.

- The participant has an opportunity to cancel the participation in case of need by simply informing the organizer in written form via email: artur(eta) Due to the cancelation fact, the organizer has the right to impose the cancelation charges according to the date of notice, which follows:

  • by 1st of August 2021 – 10% penalty from participation fee
  • by 10th of September 2021 – 50% penalty from participation fee
  • by 1st of October 2021 – 80% penalty from participation fee
  • by 10th of October 2021 – 100% penalty from participation fee

- Due to the Force Majeure neither the organizer nor the participant should be considered in breach of terms and/or conditions in terms of the performance of their respective obligations.